Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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One of the things I would like this blog to become is a résumé of sorts. Writers are a transient lot and web writers more so. Some of the sites I have written for went under (draw your own conclusions about any connections) and that translates into trying to find somebody to take pity on you and ask you aboard. Some are in the links. I don’t feel comfortable about breaking down the articles in my old blog so they aren’t listed below. You can try some of the links in the old MLBtalk site (courtesy of Wayback) but a lot of those are now behind the wall at ESPN Insider. Speaking of Wayback, I’m not posting individual links to my old TOTK/Sports bytes (about 70-80 columns) work since Wayback really messes with the formatting and some of them look like they were written by ‘The Riddler.’ I’ll try to find some of the slop I wrote for Bootleg Sports 1 (more below) however my (nee The Mining Company) articles are lost as are my old columns.

You didn’t miss much and the web is better off with their annihilation. I’ve been polluting the web for quite awhile, as you’ll no doubt notice.

The Hardball Times

MSN Canada


Bootleg Sports

(I can't believe these things are still up)

I should mention something here. I'm surprised with the anger in my writing back then. Contraction was allegedly in the works and it looked like there was going to be a prolonged work stoppage. I do recall being quite upset with the powers that be in 2001-02, I just never realized how much it showed up in my writing until I looked over a few of them.

It's funny how you remember things, I think this was from our second attempt at Bootleg Sports. Or Sportstalk 2.0. Bootleg Sports 1 had a rough start and I seem to remember regrouping for another shot. We just couldn't earn enough revenues to stay afloat. Further, I can't believe how many columns I wrote for editions 1 and 2 ... I didn't think there were that many. Admittedly, there are some stinkers in this lot--oh well.

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