Sunday, January 13, 2008

Serenity now…

After blog surfing on the Scott Rolen/Troy Glaus trade, I came across some thoughts that do not leave me with that greasy, heavy feeling in my intestines. Some plusses from the deal include that it makes 'high-for-a-Blue Jay shortstop OBP' David Eckstein a better defender since Rolen covers more real estate. Of course I’m a big Johnny Mac fan and hope that he does enough in the spring to make John Gibbons think long and hard about who will start at short.

Another big bugaboo of the ‘07 Jays was their heavy right handed lineup. Their lack of enough lefty hitting mashers haunted the Jays throughout last season. While Rolen does bat righty, he has very respectable splits and is a career .284/.361/.504 against right-handed pitching. Since the Jays will be going with a rotation where as many as three of the starters are entering their sophomore seasons on the starting staff, improving an already top shelf defensive team is a definite plus.

As long as Rolen can deliver around his career norms in OBP it should be O.K. Vernon Wells should rebound with a healthy shoulder. Alex Rios and Aaron Hill should continue to improve (expect a Chase Utley-lite performance out of Hill this season). Frank Thomas intends to spend some time before spring training with hitting guru Walt Hriniak who has always worked well with ‘The Big Hurt’, and Lyle Overbay should be back to his almost Olerud-like norms. There should be enough pop and OBP for a better than league average offense. If Reed Johnson can coax an on base mark of .350 or so, there should be more than sufficient base runners for the middle of the lineup to drive home.

Of course, the offense looked pretty good going into last season too.

The Pujols Award

We’re still accepting nominations for Wednesday’s “Pujols Awards”--if you feel somebody deserves an ‘Albert’ or a ‘Luis’ drop me a line. You can credit your blog with the nomination and I’ll post the link to it. I can guarantee that close to a dozen people will be reading the article (editors included, offer not valid in all states, check your webmaster for details).

Big Mac Attacking

O.K. can we have a little honesty on the part of the media. If you don’t want to vote for Mark McGwire due to steroids or his “I’m not here to talk about the past” performance, can you please grow a pair and say so. The media tucked their tails between their collective legs when it came to discussing juicing in MLB; is it too much to ask that you reach around and extract said tail now that you don't have to face Big Mac? These faux reasons for not voting for McGwire (here's an example of this phenomenon) are beyond pathetic.

In modern baseball history (since the advent of the AL) McGwire is, among first basemen with at least 7500 PA, first in home runs, third in SLG and OPS+, tied for fourth in RCAA, is fifth in OBP and RCAP. To suggest his numbers aren’t Hall-worthy even if they were accomplished absent PED is beyond ridiculous. As I’ve said before, I’m loath to rip on fellow scribes but it is getting ridiculous. To suggest that a player who is top five in so many categories among his positional peers in modern history didn’t have a Hall of Fame career is inverse rectal-cranial disorder at its worst.

The following are top five (first on one category, top five otherwise) at their positions using the same criteria: Mickey Mantle (CF), Mel Ott (RF), Ted Williams (LF), Charlie Gehringer (2B--he’s not top five in HR but is closest using this particular parameter), Yogi Berra (catcher) … starting to get the idea? Absent steroids, McGwire’s numbers are easily first ballot worthy.

It is time…

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