Friday, February 15, 2008

Moving day…

Just a heads up, The Progenitor of Severe Gluteal Discomfort is relocating to Baseball Digest Daily. I’ll be moving as much of the archive as is feasible (I don't know if some of the charts will take in their content management system). The good folks are trusting me not to trash the joint (silly them) so it’ll still be me being me there. For those of you who were hoping for an improvement, well…

Sorry for taking so long to make it official but do you have any idea how many “Best Regards” I had to pack up and move?

I enjoy blogging, I enjoy the blogging efforts of guys like Dave Rouleau, Pete Toms, Jon Hale etc. The opportunity to blog with them strikes me as being still more enjoyable and I’ve been told fellow Tim Raines “Dweeb Team” member Neate Sager is due any minute now.

How can I resist?

Heck, BDD head honcho Joe Hamrahi set aside my own little corner (where I won’t be bothering the people actually trying to be productive) where I can get into my usual mischief.

So, if you’ve bookmarked this location--well shame on you. Since you’ve fallen so far as to do this I guess I can give you a new link to do likewise:

The Progenitor of Severe Gluteal Discomfort. I have expelled three rounds of synaptic flatulence there already and they’ve opened the doors, windows and bus ports to clear the air.

I look forward to seeing you at the new digs.

Best Regards


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