Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm gonna take off eh …

Well, I’m going be in absentia for a few days to travel to upstate New York so this blog will be quiet for a few days (waits for cheers to die down).

(still waiting)

(still waiting)

(still waiting)

(still waiting)

(still waiting)


Geez, I haven’t heard such a sustained amount of cheering since my vasectomy. Even Charles Darwin did a nifty bit of self-exhumation to join the applause. Considering that the word resurrection literally means 'a standing up' I guess that qualifies as a standing ovation.

Speaking of which (how often do you hear that preface in this particular context? You'd think nobody's ever seen a zombie biologist cheer a human quasi-neutering ... you really should get out more folks), I would like to congratulate former MLBtalk compatriot and current writer for FOX Sports Dayn Perry on the safe arrival of his new son.

The poor slob will never know what hit ‘im. The timing of the birth is ironic considering that the name of the Lord was probably invoked repeatedly both at conception and delivery. Dayn, I hope your wife never implied your parents never married, that your mother was a female canine, or that you harbour an Oedipus Complex.

If she did--that’s par for the course; even during childbirth. ;-)

By the way--who got the epidural, you or she?

At any rate big guy; enjoy the ride; it’s fun being a dad … for twelve years, eleven months, 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds--then things get tricky.

Anyway …

I still have no idea when my next MSN column will be up. I haven’t heard from my boss in over a week so I don’t know what his or my status is at the moment. I just hope the Mitchell Report isn’t old news too soon. I am paid regardless if my column isn’t posted during the news cycle but it’s frustrating nevertheless. To sit down and slog through the entire report, taking notes and making observations before putting together a couple of columns in a timely matter only to learn my hard work just vanished into the ether without even knowing the behind the scenes circumstances is disheartening.

I’ve had three or four columns that never saw the light of day. It’s not that they were rejected, it’s because the sports department at MSN is a one-man show and if something happens to that man then my article is regally consummated.


I used to be associate editor at MLBtalk--I wonder if I can convince him (or have him convince his boss) to give me the keys to post my work myself. It would lighten his workload and give MSN Canada’s baseball section regular weekly commentary. I think I can be trusted not to cause them undue headaches. I have almost a decade’s experience at this and I think they can count on me not to embarrass them.

At any rate, I hope everything is O.K. with Scott--I’m not upset at him. He’s doing his level best but whatever business model or organizational structure they have with the sports department--it isn’t working. The winter meetings are very, very old news but there’s my commentary on it gathering dust and hoping somebody may click it by accident.

Best Regards



Pete Toms said...

Mitchell will remain topical for a bit because, as you know, the steroids circus is coming to Capitol Hill next month. Can't hardly wait!

John Brattain said...

I hope you're right Pete.

I'm writing this from just outside Cooperstown. The hotel has a public computer for guests.


Pilgrimage commences tomorrow. I hope the library is open this time or I will have to make a scene.

Beer at the corner store is a luxury Ontario should really look into though eh.

Best Regards