Monday, December 3, 2007


Tom Tango (AKA “Tangotiger”) is proud to announce the launch of Tim Raines - Hall of Fame, 2008. He has assembled a ‘Dweeb Team’ of writers (and still-mourning Montreal Expos fans) to help him with the project. Besides himself, ESPN’s Jonah Keri, and Hardball Times staffers Craig Burley and yours truly round out the current lineup. It is our opinion that aside from Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines was the finest leadoff hitter to grace MLB. The site will deal with his accomplishments, highlights, his Hall of Fame credentials and analysis of his career.

The purpose of the site is to remind the BBWAA of what a tremendous player Tim Raines was--especially during his oft overlooked tenure with the Montreal Expos. We hope to drum up as much support as possible and welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to the cause.

While Nos Amours are no more, the memories will always linger and be cherished. From Le Grande Orange Rusty Staub to the magnificent Vladmir Guerrero with stints by the likes of Pedro Martinez, Larry Walker, Andre Dawson, John Wetteland, Dennis Martinez, Steve Rogers, Ken Singleton, Moises Alou, Gary Carter, Larry Parrish, Warren Cromartie, Ellis Valentine and many others in between thrilled Canadian baseball fans for over three decades.

We hope that one of the Montreal Expos finest players will take his rightful place in baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. This site is dedicated to making it happen.

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